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R and D Tax Credits all over the web!

Here at randd UK Ltd we specialise in all matters concerning R and D Tax Credits, including general UK Tax news, business news and developments, innovation both in the UK and the EU and much more. However, we can’t put it all on one site – we’d rather share it with the world via the marvels of Social Media. We have a number of Social Media Outlets for you to …Read More

Treasury won’t name and shame tax avoiders

HMRC are set to clamp down even further on UK tax dodgers. However, tax eperts aren’t too convinced that the “name and shame” idea will actually come into play. However, they won’t be getting off easy… Treasury won’t name and shame tax avoiders

R & D Tax Credits and Finance Digest

Over the last few days and weeks, we’ve been posting a lot of content on our social networks regarding R & D tax credits and finance. Here are some of the best and most informational articles that we’ve found online. Panasonic to open R&D centre in Cardiff Electrical giants Panasonic announced their intent to invest in Research and Development in the UK with plans to open an R & D …Read More

R&D Tax Credits Explained

  [View the story "R&D Tax Credits Explained " on Storify] R&D Tax Credits Explained Storified by · Wed, Jul 04 2012 04:03:54 Here is a selection of resources with information relating to the explanation and potential implications surrounding R&D Tax Credits. The information provided hopes to give helpful advice and details concerning R&D tax Credits. It also shows the current economic market and the Governments policies and involvement in …Read More

randd Tax Update

Here is a brief update of what’s new with randd and the world of tax and finance.   Torrance Group R&D Tax Credits Case Study Randd have reclaimed in excess of £170,000 in R and D Tax Credits from HMRC. It’s been a good year and the case study brings their success story to the light. Read it here: Torrance Group R&D Tax Credits Case Study   Cash-in-hand “immoral” – …Read More

Torrance Group R&D Tax Credits Case Study

Eighteen months ago, Liam Torrance, CEO of the Torrance Group wasn’t aware that two of his companies were eligible to claim HMRCs R&D Tax Credits. By July of this year the two Group companies had received in excess of £170,000 from HMRC. A chance meeting with Randd UK Ltd at an engineering exhibition opened their eyes to the possibilities. After evaluating a number of similar companies, they appointed Randd to …Read More

R&D grows in the UK

Many businesses conduct Research and Development all over the UK and the world, and with EU guidelines in place to promote and reward R&D, it is increasing , particularly in the UK, and not only are small local businesses taking advantage, but huge worldwide companies are increasing their R&D focus in the UK. Samsung buys handset R&D arm of Cambridge Silicon Radio Technology giant Samsung has moved to buy the …Read More

R&D Tax Credits In The UK – Can Your Business Qualify?

[View the story "R&D Tax Credits In The UK" on Storify] R&D Tax Credits In The UK Could Your Business Qualify? Storified by · Wed, Jul 04 2012 04:16:17 Gaining some knowledge and insight into R&D tax credits and how they work, can only be beneficial to you and your business. We are trying to make people more aware of the benefits of R&D tax credits in the UK, and …Read More

An Introduction to the Research & Development Tax Scheme

R&D tax credits are a Government backed initiative funded by the EU to encourage both SME’s and Large Companies to invest in innovation through greater R&D funding. The idea is to reward companies striving towards advancement within their field with either a cash-back incentive or reduced future tax bill so that British companies have funding to support them in keeping overseas competition at bay.   In terms of qualifying for …Read More

2011 Budget News

The Budget statement included a very significant increase in the credit which will be available to SMEs for qualifying R&D expenditure. The Chancellor expressed a strong desire to restore the UK’s manufacturing base by encouraging innovation. Legislation will be introduced in the Finance Bill 2011 to increase the additional deduction for SMEs from 75 per cent to 100 per cent of the qualifying R&D expenditure thus resulting in an effective …Read More