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R&D Tax Credits spurring growth in the UK

An article from Stuart Wilkinson has stated the importance of innovation in the UK economy, but also the importance of incentives like R&D Tax Credits to encourage more companies to take the step into the unknown and think outside of the box, and ultimately be rewarded for doing so. What are R&D Tax Credits? For those who are unaware, R&D Tax Credits are available as part of an EU initiative …Read More

Your R&D Tax Credits Experts – Randd UK Ltd Financial Digest

Here at Randd UK Ltd, we are specialists in R&D Tax Credits, claiming money for innovative businesses in the UK and take a deep rooted interest in the financial state of the UK. Here are some of the most interesting and relevant articles that we’ve come across. We think they’re definitely worth a read. Lower Interest Rates for businesses? Paul Tucker, the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England has …Read More

An Unhealthy Wait

Apparently on average it takes over 17 years from medical discovery to NHS adoption. Why does it take so long between R&D, Innovation and the NHS actually using these innovations? This BBC4 Radio show goes in depth about the reasons behind the huge gap between innovation and use in the UK. It’s 30 minutes long but well worth the time. Listen here: An Unhealthy Wait

R&D Tax Credits Claim: £350,000

We built up a relationship with a power tools company in Sheffield and managed to claim a large sum back from HMRC in the way of R&D Tax Credits. The video below will explain it in a bit more detail about what they do, but quite simply, they were innovators in their field and were developing entire ranges of new products and tools and they were entitled to receive money …Read More

Innovation will make UK process industry more sustainable

The innovative nature of the UK will be our ticket out of financial trouble according to this blog, and it’s an assessment that we agree with. If we continue to spearhead research and development in key industries, we can place our self in a position of power. read more here: Innovation will make UK process industry more sustainable

UK to power up electricity storage systems with £20m fund

The UK is set to launch an innovation competition in the power industry, with £20 million up for grabs. The idea is to “overcome one of the major barriers to the development of intermittent renewable energy” and make the starts towards a future smart-grid in the UK. read more about it here: UK to power up electricity storage systems with £20m fund

R&D Tax Credits – We’ve Been Busy

We consistently write about R&D Tax Credits both on this site, all over the web and in magazines, with one simple aim: We want to make sure that your business is receiving the money that it deserves for investing in research and development. If you’re spending money to improve your industry, you are likely to be entitled to tens of thousands of pounds from HMRC. Read our posts below to …Read More

R&D Tax Credits & News | A rather taxing subject

Tax matters are the flavour of the month in the UK at the moment with the government’s tax enforcement arm HMRC being rather vocal about the amount of tax that is and (somewhat more importantly) isn’t being paid into the nation’s coffers. The government is pointing the finger at members of the public and cash-in-hand payments amongst other things, whereas public opinion seems to be that the blame lies with …Read More

R&D Tax Credits – Why Apply?

If you’re involved in business in the UK, you’ve probably heard about R&D Tax Credits by now, but you might not understand what they are or how they could apply to you. And what you don’t know could hurt you! But here at Randd UK Ltd, we’re experts on the subject and have all of the info that you’ll need. What are R&D Tax Credits? Research & Development Tax Credits …Read More

R and D Tax Credits all over the web!

Here at randd UK Ltd we specialise in all matters concerning R and D Tax Credits, including general UK Tax news, business news and developments, innovation both in the UK and the EU and much more. However, we can’t put it all on one site – we’d rather share it with the world via the marvels of Social Media. We have a number of Social Media Outlets for you to …Read More