Over six years (2012-2016), a system engineering company have received £114,000 in R&D tax credits with the latest claim of £42,500. The Company research, design, develop, manufacture and sell specialist motion technology components, products, solutions and services to meet the performance needs of professional institutes and organisations throughout the World. Their extensive customer base includes Laboratory Automation, Scientific Research, Aerospace & Defence, Processing & Packaging, Energy and Specialist System Integrator markets.

To remain at the forefront of motion technology, the Company carry out research and development to deliver a range of bespoke solutions for a wide variety of specific applications. The in-house team work tirelessly on every aspect of the system development, from earliest design stages when the precise requirements are outlined, through to the development phase where modifications can be agreed and costed, on to final assembly and commissioning.

Innovation is pushed through optimising system solutions with clear-cut safety, performance or cost advantages. This process is eligible for R&D tax credits.