randd uk secure another cash award for one of our client’s additional claims, for a following year’s effort. The cheque back from the taxman this year was £35k, last year’s was £85k. So £120k recovered already in the space of just two years to spend as they prefer. Their development projects are ongoing, so there will be more to come for this company; all without the hassle of having to promise to do something as a result.. The Nottinghamshire-based business specialises in engineered products for the Utilities and have a strengthening reputation with their customer’s as a result of their efforts to stay at the forefront of technology.

Some of our best referral agents are accountancy practices who recognising that randd UK has a specialism in successfully claiming on the basis of the technical achievements of their customers. randd UK are respected for their technical competence, confidentiality and professionalism which simply helps grow the business of accountancy practices by making their clients more wealthy.