Over the past four years, nearly £160K in R&D tax credits have been awarded to a Leicestershire-based company with the latest addition of £35K. The company offer repair & maintenance services and a comprehensive range of original products for quarrying, mining and construction industries, as well as other fabricating and engineering services. A dedicated, highly skilled team provide innovative solutions and a personal, competitive and reliable service. With an enviable reputation, the company’s in-depth expertise, keen eye for detail and investment in the latest technologies combats the challenges of an ever-changing industry.

The company continually strives to innovate in all operational areas such as developing welding consumables that are unique to the company and welding process developments that have significantly improved the lifespans of products that work in extremely harsh environments. Whether developing improved methods of welding, wear surfaces, material selection & usage, marine used products, recycling issues or impact materials, research and development is constantly ongoing in a bid to reduce costs, improve quality and sustainability.