Reaching £90K in total, a company based in Northamptonshire has received the latest claim of £42K in R&D tax credits. The company’s UK headquarters are located in Daventry and is owned by an Italian group who manufacture high technology industrial machines for the woodworking, glass and stone industries. The business was originally established with the sole purpose of providing the best possible support to the UK woodworking industry, a mission that has been continued through to the present day.

A dedicated team of designers, draughtsmen and engineers research, develop and manufacture bespoke solutions for the industry. Research and development is important to the company who regularly train staff to use the latest technology to develop and test their products.

The constant drive for technological improvement, innovation and research has enabled the development of modular solutions capable of meeting all the production requirements of its clients. The company partners with its customers and provide them with a total solution, such as an amended machine, linking diverse software and hardware, or satisfying client demands through speed, accuracy or material usage.