Over six years, an engineering company based in Chesterfield have claimed £197K in R&D tax credits with the latest addition of £43K.

The company provide engineering and site services to companies throughout the UK and Europe such as CNC (computer numerical control) machining, stainless steel fabrications, sheet metal work, spiral welding and pipe installation. Committed to customer satisfaction, the family run business have grown their client base largely through strong recommendations.

A skilled, experienced team specialise in converting ideas into workable solutions that can be easily replicated in the manufacturing process. Investment in research and development is vital to the company’s goals as they strive to continually grow through:

  • Investment in new premises
  • New machinery
  • Develop more efficient processes
  • Upskill an already experienced workforce
  • Continue a well received apprenticeship programme
  • And more!

Previous successful claims for R&D tax credits have enabled more technological and challenging projects in diverse and complex markets.