Here at randd uk, the success never ceases. We have just managed to bag a £50k claim for a company based in the south west of England.

Set up in Dorset in the mid 1990’s by a number of research scientists, the company’s focus is to produce materials and equipment to both utilise ultrasonic techniques for medical applications (for example, to eradicate cancer cells in human organs such as the liver and kidneys), as well as inspecting the foetuses of expectant mothers. The company has always been at the forefront of development in this industry and are recognised globally as leaders in their field. In recent years, they have developed their business into producing equipment to undertake non-destructive testing procedures using ultra sonic techniques.

The field that the company operates in is a very specialist science which is becoming more and more important. In order to stay at the forefront, they have to continually develop new techniques, equipment with materials and software programmes to overcome new challenges and extend the usage of ultrasonic techniques into diverse areas.