Over four years, a metalworking company have claimed £228K with the latest addition of £58K. They specialise in development, manufacture and installation of innovative metalwork for restoration and regeneration projects as well as high quality architectural structural metalwork. They offer a comprehensive service from concept design through to installation for structural steelwork through to stainless steel and glass staircases. This requires a significant amount of R&D work.

A team of skilled craftsmen are experienced in both traditional and modern advanced metalwork manufacturing techniques. Working in modern workshops and using the latest technology, employees carry out R&D activities to satisfy increasing demands to provide different solutions.

Previous R&D tax credits have provided vital financial support to further invest in various key elements of the company’s activities including the constant advancement in the sciences of design, metal forming, joining, fixing and finishing to ensure longevity of product. Extensive research, trial and error prototype production and testing is vital for complying to exacting safety standards and often aesthetically complementary to existing ancient architecture. This work has to be undertaken at the company’s own risk and cost and also without any certainty that a successful viable outcome would result.