Over six years (2012-2017), a Precision Machining company have received £833,000 in R&D tax credits with the latest Reality Cheque for £183,000. The company specialise in high quality precision machining for the Aerospace, Automotive, Power, Marine and Petrochemical industries. Prolific customers include Rolls Royce, ITP (Spain), Florida Turbine Technologies, Siemens, MB Aerospace and Kawasaki.

Highly skilled engineers carry out R&D to design, develop and manufacture extremely complex, large aero-engine ring sections and associated jigs and fixtures for modern aircraft jet engine assemblies. The team face constant challenges such as handling extremely thin structures made using expensive, exotic materials. Continual investment has been allocated to the most advanced hardware & software systems, CNC technology, information technology and lean manufacturing, with heavy investment placed in CNC machine tools and required certification.

Research and development is a clear key strategy for the growth of the business and expert employees take risks to experiment with innovative solutions and push technological boundaries.