Over five years (2013-2017), an English Pewter Crafter has received £241,000 in R&D tax credits with the latest claim for £69,000. The company develop and manufacture high quality, handmade products, specialising in English Pewter.

With a strong reputation for imaginative work, the company have thrived in the promotional products market with influential, high profile clients. Research and development is carried out to design, develop and produce a diverse catalogue such as bronze statues, album covers, collectable giftware and Rock ‘n’ Roll merchandise.

R&D is an important part of the company with fully equipped research & development facilities and extensive production departments. This enables the team to regularly innovate in areas such as:

  • Bonding materials
  • Glues
  • Pewter development
  • Health & safety issues
  • Trichloroethylene cleaning
  • Forming methods
  • Component & chemical use advancement
  • Mould improvements
  • Development of lacquers and enamels
  • Jig manufacturing
  • Use of lasers for cutting different materials
  • Colouration of metals using different techniques
  • Developing new tools
  • Working with crystals
  • Engraving techniques
  • Rubber shrinkage
  • Casting small parts
  • Soldering materials & techniques
  • Developing uses for new materials

On a daily basis, the team develop their own concept ranges and strive towards in-house autonomy, covering process and software development. R&D is essential for the company to compete against threats from overseas and satisfy customer needs with cost-effective, high quality solutions.