Animation Tax Relief (ATR)

Animation Tax Relief is one category within Creative Industry Tax Reliefs. Animations commissioned together are treated as one programme.

Eligible animations

  • Programme intended for broadcast
  • At least 51% of the total core expenditure is on animation
  • At least 10% of the total production costs relate to UK activities
  • Programme passes the cultural test or qualifies as an official co-production

Your company CANNOT claim if the programme

  • Is an advertisement or promotional programme
  • Is a news, current affairs or discussion programme
  • Is a quiz or game show, panel show, variety show, or similar programme
  • Consists of, or includes an element of competition or contest
  • Broadcasts live events, including theatrical and artistic performance
  • Is produced for training purposes

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Animation Tax Relief (ATR)

R&D tax credits benefits:

  • Produce more British animations
  • Push the boundaries of animation in the UK
  • Enables exploration of new techniques for animation

Learn more:

HMRC’s Website

“There were so many jobless animators wandering around; now they have come back into the industry. [Animation Tax Relief has seen] a 50% rise in employment.”

Oli Hyatt | Chair of Animation UK

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