Overall, a lighting company in Birmingham have received £21,000 in R&D tax credits with the latest claim of £12,000. The company supports projects from early proposals and lighting designs, right through to commissioning and have played a key role in many major decorative lighting schemes in both the private and the public sector. Within their extensive manufacturing facilities, the flourishing technical and computer-aided design departments continually develop new products.

Research and development is needed for bespoke projects, such as advising clients on the appropriate choice of materials, processes and manufacturing techniques best suited to the application, location and environment. Investment in 3D CAD systems allow rapid development of new products and ‘specials’; prototypes have to be made and redesigned in order to meet the technical demands of the project and the client and equipment is regularly updated and redesigned to increase efficiency and output. R&D tax credits reward the company’s determination to satisfy customer demands through research and development work.