A Nottingham-based engineering company has just received a claim of £62k thanks to their relationship with randd uk, meaning they have now obtained a total of £129k in just four claims.

This company was formed in 1985 primarily for the bespoke design and manufacturing of a wide variety of fabrications to heavy industry. During this time, the company has gained multi-market experience and has extended its portfolio to include a diverse range of services, from small repetitive fabrications, to fabrications in ferrous and non-ferrous materials in weights ranging from a few kilograms to 40 tonnes and the design, development, build, installation and maintenance of special purpose machines. They also inaugurate applications to position and transport heavy and awkward loads, which provide ergonomic solutions to achieve significant reductions in dangerous manual handling.

The Managing Director of the company was delighted with randd, saying ‘many thanks for your assistance. Much better than the usual invoices that drop through the door! You made the process very straight forward once I had got my backside into gear and gave you the information. Excellent service and a pleasure to deal with.”