A claim of £86,000 has been awarded to a Leicestershire-based company that specialises in products for babies and toddlers. This is the company’s fourth successful year with randd uk, and as a result, they have totalled a whopping £343,000 in claims that were made possible by the work of randd uk, and of course the innovative work of the company.

This company trades in products developed for infants; prams, strollers, car seats, cots, beds and furniture make up the bulk of their sales. The company works tirelessly with the very best factories and designers from around the globe to bring innovative and contemporary products, along with some more traditional and classical looking designs, to the market. The market is considered to be a fashion-led one though the most important element of any new product development is safety followed by longevity and pragmatic, intuitive product performance.

The brand philosophy is to create sensibly priced products that have an aesthetic element, whilst never compromising on incredibly high standards of safety and control for both child and adult. The company consistently targets its new product developments to exceed all safety legislation and lead the way in this vital element of design & development.