Creative Industry Tax Relief

Creative Industry Tax Relief aims to enhance British culture and encourage companies in the Creative Industries to push artistic boundaries for entertainment value. randd uk are R&D tax credits experts with experience in filing claims for Creative Industry Tax Relief. A highly skilled team, strong relationships with HMRC and a portfolio of satisfied clients ensure that randd uk can successfully reward your tax relief.

There are eight different corporation tax reliefs. To find out which scheme you qualify for, scroll down the page or contact us today.


To qualify for creative industry tax reliefs, all films, television programmes, animations or video games must pass a cultural test or qualify as a British production. Theatrical productions, orchestral concerts, and exhibitions don’t have to apply for and pass a cultural test.

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Types of Creative Industry Tax Relief

Take a look at the eight different creative industry tax reliefs. Click on the relevant tax relief for your industry. Not sure which tax relief you need? Get in touch with randd uk to talk to our expert team.

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