A company who develop lifting system products have received £45,000 in R&D tax credits for a fifth claim in six years, amounting to a grand total of £167,000. The company are based in Doncaster and London; they manufacture all forms of lifting, pulling and materials handling equipment for the nuclear, construction, railway, mining, petrochemical, steel and power generation sectors of the industry.

Research and development is needed to produce bespoke design, development, manufacture, repair and servicing to meet customer demands. A team of in-house certified engineers work tirelessly to comply with codes of practice and regulations whilst producing high quality results. R&D was needed to implement computerised control systems together with purpose designed software into the company process. They have developed and adapted state of the art computerised systems including SolidWorks and CAD in order to ensure that all their products are safe in operation and economically designed.

Previous R&D tax credits and the desire for constant innovation has led to the company currently seeking to recruit a graduate design engineer.