A Chesterfield-based family business has just been successful in securing their first ever R&D Tax Claim of £23k thanks to their (only) three employees’ innovative and remarkable work in the welding and plasma cutting industries, and a little help from their friends at randd uk.

Our own employee, Phil, describes this client and sings his praises; “his (the client) work deserves more – one rail scheme reduced cutting time from 10 hours to 2.5 minutes!”

The company is determined to be able to react as quickly as possible to meet its customer needs, so the principal regularly purchases old, redundant or non-functioning welding related items to refurbish or redevelop into items that can be sold or hired; a significant proportion of its revenue is driven by specialist product hire with the items hired out invariably being previously discarded equipment given a new lease of life by them, having been redeveloped into fit for purpose, specialist items.