Based in Crewe, a specialist packaging company have received £65,000 in R&D tax credits for a first claim. The Company is a specialist packer and supplier of greases, lubricants, cleaners, degreasers, adhesives and sealants in measured doses between 0.5ml and 125ml. The liquid products are packed in a wide range of casings such as tear top tubes, sachets and collapsible tubes manufactured in metal, polythene or laminated plastic.

Continued innovation ensures client satisfaction through trials, prototypes and problem solving. Every new combination of liquid flow rates, fill rates, tube size and tube volume requires some element of research and development to determine the optimum way to package it. The Company are also developing tubes that can be multi-used or can dispense its product more accurately are targets constantly being sought whilst its process machines are largely self-developed to suit its unique material and its innovative approach to meeting customer demands.