An engineering company based in the East midlands has just received £100k from HMRC as a reward for their innovation over the past years.

This company develops and upgrades processing equipment to perform better than their original specification and usually miniaturised so as to be contained within existing facilities; usually whilst maintaining continuous processing service of the facility or with minimal change over downtime. They provide a wide-range of mechanical services to a diverse variety of industries. The industries they serve include:

  • water and sewage treatment,
  • iron and steel works,
  • cement works,
  • food and beverage processing,
  • petro/chemical,
  • textile,
  • automotive, and
  • materials handling.

The business has evolved from a company that moved heavy industrial objects and developed into a business that could move, install and improve the efficiency of process equipment, see examples of such equipment in images below. The highly skilled and close-knit team are an essential asset for providing UK-wide onsite operations. When combined with a proactive approach to R&D and customer involvement, it provides a vital ingredient for the development and improvement of the UK’s ageing water and waste water treatment industry.