A company that develops fishing gear has truly fell in love with the R&D Tax Scheme ‘hook, line and sinker’ after receiving a reasonable reward of £13.8k from HMRC.

“Many thanks for your efforts. I am indeed very pleased with this and the performance of randd uk, these initiatives often fall on stony ground and it is very nice for a start-up Company such as ours to receive tangible help as opposed to just good words.”

This lovely testimonial comes from the director of the company that was incorporated to develop a new and unique tool that is to be used in carp fishing.

The idea for this odd development came from one of the Directors, who is a keen carp fisherman with 30 years’ experience. He was frustrated with the amount of preparatory work required when casting long (in excess of 100m) and sought to develop a tool that would accurately and quickly measure lines and guarantee that all casts were equidistant, a key parameter in this style of fishing. Carp Fishing is the fastest growing form of angling in the UK and is also huge worldwide and specialist anglers spend in the region of £10,000 for a set of equipment.