For Accountants

Add R&D tax credits to your list of expertise.

R&D tax credits have been around in the UK since the year 2000, yet many business owners and often Accountants struggle to recognise eligible activities for claiming R&D tax credits. Building a strong case that will be approved by HMRC is even more challenging, but randd uk specialise in R&D tax credits and have a 100% success rate since inception in 2008.


With randd uk, you can reward your client’s business with the maximum amount of R&D tax credits that their innovation deserves. We understand that Accountancy is a hectic (and never-ending) job, so we aim to minimise the work for yourself and your client.

We have fully chartered Accountants within the team to reassure any worries and answer any questions you may have. Working in Partnership with randd uk will bring mutual benefits and ultimately make your clients very happy. 


Take a look at our client sectors page to see the industries where we have claimed R&D tax credits. Browse and download our information sheets to aid in recognising eligible research and development activities.

“Since meeting the team at randd uk, we’ve successfully introduced several clients. Their consultants work hard to understand the clients’ business and make claims often well in excess of the amounts we’d be able to due to their ability to forge good client relationships and their very specialist knowledge of the legislation.”

Mark Lane | Partner
Lane Monnington Welton Chartered Accountants (Basingstoke)