A fabrications company received £46,000 in R&D tax credits, bringing the total to £211,000 over four years (2014 to 2017) with randd uk so far.

The company develop and supply a comprehensive range of services from survey, design and prototyping to manufacture, surface finishing, delivery and installation of a number of fabrications. In order to meet the demands, challenges and uncertainty of work in a very competitive marketplace, the workforce’s skills are constantly upgraded.

Research and development is carried out to improve both accuracy and reliability of fabrications in an attempt to win and satisfy bespoke customer needs. R&D is vital to ensure that the products are durable and can withstand many environmental stresses. Continuous reviewing, analysing and upgrade of operating systems and processes including all innovations in machinery which lead to increases in competitiveness in the market and reduced manufacturing costs. Saving energy and managing rising cost and impact of energy consumption, as well as reducing impact on the environment throughout process.

Further R&D tax credits will enable the company to continue with the work they are doing and push innovation.