How You Could Benefit From Energy Management

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Our energy management system is ideal for anyone, from large businesses, to indepent homeowners who want to cut costs on energy bills. Energy efficiency is becoming more well known in today’s society, and people are becoming more aware of the need to cut down on energy usage to keep the environment healthy. Here we have gathered some informative resources from around the web, including news about energy efficiency and how the world is trying to be more green.
Global energy management interest reaches all-time highMILWAUKEE, June 14, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Eighty-five percent of building owners and operators globally depend on energy manage…
Energy efficiency | Environment | The GuardianLatest news and comment on Energy efficiency from
Appliances and lighting use up more energy than you think. By being more aware of these appliances, and making little changes, we can be more energy efficient in our day to day routines.
B&Q focusing on energy efficiency with launch of new schemeLast week saw the launch of a new energy saving service from B&Q which is designed to help customers learn more about energy efficien…
Johnson Controls releases building efficiency reportSixty per cent of UK respondents had invested in energy efficiency in the past year, the highest percentage in Europe. Thirty-four per ce…
Treasury could fight EU calls to end tax breaks for energy-saving goodsEU Commission says UK tax relief on insulation and microgeneration is illegal, posing major threat to Green Deal energy-efficiency scheme…
Scotland launches £2bn plan to boost energy efficiency of homesScottish Government plans for low carbon homes will provide more than £2 billion to help make the nation's homes more energy efficient.
Even large corporate companies are becoming more aware of the need for energy management. We often take many electrical appliances for granted and energy in general. Our service lets us pick the best energy provider for you, and pick the best contract that is suited to your needs, so you don’t end up paying over the costs for what you require. If you are unsure about energy management and unsure about how it could benefit you, then please contact us today.