Another first-time client was rewarded for their innovative spirit this week, thanks to their relationship with randd uk of course. They received a sum of £11k from the tax man for all the work that they are doing in their current sector.

The company is based in the Nottingham area and specialises in the development and manufacturing of bespoke products crafted in ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Their hands-on approach to their work is supported and reinforced by over 66 years of experience, which potential customers can go and witness first hand due to them being a very open company, providing existing and prospective customers the confidence and guarantee that any work they are given is carried out by skilled and knowledgeable professionals.

The company’s specialism for designing and creating bespoke products of such a high quality has attracted the attention from many large and prestigious companies such as; Audi and Rolls Royce and manufacturing to the M.O.D and Nuclear sectors, who require only the highest quality products.

Their exceptional ability in original thinking, combined with the extensive knowledge of how different materials can be cut, formed and joined allows them to produce unique and innovative ideas and see them through from sketch to manufacturing drawings to prototype manufacture in a fraction of the time and at considerably less cost than there would be incurred from outsourcing the design and using complex computerised technology.