“I have no trouble whatsoever, in saying a great big THANK YOU for all your help with the Corporation Tax and Refund that once again you have produced for four years running, with a fabulous result as always.

You (randd uk) NEVER fail to impress all of us here at Metalform Incorporated Ltd, and the results have got better and better each year. We will be putting our ‘FAITH’ in your ’hands’ again at the end of this year, and hopefully we will have a wonderful start to 2018 as the past four years have been also.

With a big ‘thank you’ once again from myself – Mike Harris [FD] at Metalform Inc Ltd.”

This fantastic testimonial comes from one of our long-standing clients at randd uk after they received the lump sum of £13,000 from HMRC for their work in R&D.

Metalform was established in 1979 to provide a specialist service to the screw and bolt industry for rebuilding, developing, refurbishing and generally expanding the operational life of machinery. They are now the only specialist company of this type in the UK and the organisation turns over around £600,000 per annum.

Over the lifetime of the company, they have gained a great deal of experience in not only rebuilding machinery, but also introducing innovative developments to many different makes of machines, including those of companies who no longer exist.