Orchestra Tax Relief (OTR)

Orchestra Tax Relief is one category within Creative Industry Tax Reliefs. There is no need for a cultural test. Your company can claim OTR if it’s a qualifying orchestra production company putting on qualifying orchestral concert.

Eligible activities for an orchestral concert

  • Is performed by instrumentalists in an orchestra, ensemble, group or band
  • Consists of a minimum of 12 instrumentalists
  • All or the majority of the instruments mustn’t be electronically amplified
  • Instrumentalists must be the primary focus of the concert
  • The primary focus is to play before the paying public or for educational purposes
  • Has a minimum 25% EEA expenditure

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Orchestra Tax Relief (OTR)

R&D tax credits benefits:

  • Produce more British orchestral concerts
  • Push the boundaries of orchestral concerts in the UK
  • Enables the development of new talent

Learn more:

HMRC’s Website

“The decision to allow a relief for orchestras was a significant innovation given that the majority of claims are likely to be from not-for-profit organisations rather than commercial organisations.”

Sean Egan | Journalist for Arts Professional

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