Over three years (2015-2017), a flavouring manufacturer has received £241,000 in R&D tax credits with the latest Reality Cheque for over £93,000. The company specialise in the development of spice, herb and seed products for flavour enhancing. With a strong reputation, the company has won clients in the UK and across the world.

Research and development is carried out to create complete manufacturing solutions from milling, blending, heat treatment, sterilisation and packing. R&D is vital for transforming raw materials into tailor-made seasoning ingredients that adhere to global food and safety standards. The food industry is highly technical and strictly regulated by government legislation.

New product development is regularly researched and iteratively developed. Successful prototypes are then scaled up, which is a complex process as different quantities of raw materials create uncertain results. Solutions require problem-solving, cutting edge developments and intense trialling.