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ANT Industries (ANT) received a sizeable £six figure cash credit on a two year claim from the R&D tax credit scheme, with the help of the professionalism and expertise of randd uk. This cash injection will allow the ANT to continue its commitment to grow and to its expansive R&D activities.

ANT specialises in designing, developing and manufacturing extremely complex, large aero-engine ring sections and associated jigs and fixtures for modern aircraft jet engine assemblies. R&D is a business-critical activity in ANT and is a key differentiator between it and its competitors. ANT undertakes cutting edge research and development which other world-wide companies would not contemplate undertaking.

Multi-year claim
randd uk first met with ANT to fully understand their business in order to ensure their activities met the criteria of the R&D tax credits scheme. randd uk was able to ascertain that not only did the R&D activities of ANT qualify, but they were able to claim from their 2012-13 financial periods. Like many companies, ANT were unaware that their previous R&D expenses may be eligible to claim.

Cash for future development
The knowledge and proven success of randd uk meant that this application, whilst detailed and complex, went smoothly without any delays. Within a matter of weeks, ANT had secured a cash sum from their R&D activities from two years prior. randd uk will continue to monitor and record the R&D activities of ANT, ensuring longevity of their strong-held philosophy for the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction through improved quality and efficiency.


AN Tools Limited (trading as ANT Industries)

R&D tax credits received:

£six figure

R&D tax credits benefits:

  • Multi-year claim on previous financial years
  • Sped up expansion plans
  • Allowed continued innovation

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I would like to thank the randd uk team for assisting ANT with our R&D tax claim. This is an excellent result and will help secure the future of business in the highly skilled aerospace sector, where R&D is paramount to our success.

Shaun Rowley | Managing Director

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