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AT Monitor are innovators in the motion capture market who have successfully been awarded R&D tax credits through the service of randd uk. With the aim of rewarding innovation, randd uk submit R&D tax credit claims to HMRC on behalf of UK businesses that are undergoing qualifying research and development activities.

Based in Ealing, London, AT Monitor spotted a gap in the motion capture market and have been developing innovative, world-first technology. Robert Kay, Founder & Executive Chairman explained how AT Monitor embarked upon this ground-breaking work.

“Our key developer and inventor is a very bright guy who has been intrigued for some time with gesture recognition, comparing and analysing motion. He completed a project at University looking at sign language and by tracking hand movements, how you could move from sign language to text.”

After developing techniques around the technology, research was carried out into how this knowledge could be applied commercially. With years of experience in growing businesses and start-ups, the Directors at AT Monitor realised endless possibilities for the technology and applied for a number of patents; three have recently been allowed by the EU Patent Office and will be registered in different countries in the months ahead.

Working with various sporting associations, the technology has been shaped to enable users to copy the motion of a character on a mobile screen performing a tennis shot, for example. The user can then receive a quantitative measure of how accurately you have copied the movement. This is a new approach as Robert explains:

“If you do karaoke, other than your friends laughing at you, you don’t ever get any feedback of how poorly or well you sang the song. Our Cinectic technology can tell you quantitatively how well or poorly you have copied a routine and how similar your movement was.”

This encourages people to participate in sports and practice to improve performance. “Particularly in sports, if you give someone a score there is a natural imperative for them to want to get better”, said Robert.


“The point about the technology is you just basically use a smartphone video camera. You can run this in the form of an app that runs on a mobile phone so you can do it anywhere. Most motion capture, you have to be wired up or have markers on your clothes; this is simply taking a video of you playing a forehand tennis shot and telling you how close your shot is to the expert.”

Robert Kay, Founder & Executive Chairman at AT Monitor


Given the easy to use nature of the software and its use of the smartphone, the company sees its major opportunities in mass market fans emulating heroes in the sporting and entertainment fields. There are also opportunities with elite sports people, where consistency of technique, especially under pressure is important and there is also scope for coaching remotely. Although there are multiple applications available for linking videos of two people, the unique selling point of AT Monitor’s innovation is that both videos are translated into data and the results are quantified. The coach is able to see the student’s performance from the data and is able to send a message without even looking at
the video.

The company has also recognised opportunities in the fields of physiotherapy and the increasingly growing area of wellness. For example, if a patient is instructed to practice an exercise in-between weekly physiotherapy sessions, it is difficult to know whether they are performing accurately and the physiotherapist may struggle to remember how well they performed last week. Capturing and quantifying this data is beneficial to both sides.

As Robert explained, “We also think there is scope in the mass market for kids who are not necessarily talented at a technical level, but rather want to copy heroes in other ways.” For example, an athlete’s celebration routine could be copied by fans or a dance routine could be re-enacted from a music video.

To achieve leading-edge technology, AT Monitor employs staff with motion gesture experience and in-depth background to attain fast results and create a faster growth expansion strategy. Iterative development has enabled AT Monitor to overcome technical uncertainties and breakthrough technological advancements. With limited room for trial & error, the company adopt a high level of risk as the innovation requires an enormous amount of investment. R&D tax credits were designed for companies like AT Monitor and financially support and sustain this ground-breaking research & development.

Robert Kay first heard about R&D tax credits through his Accountant, Michael Farndon at Farndon Accountancy, who introduced AT Monitor to randd uk. Launched in April 2000, the aim of the Government scheme is to reward innovation and boost the UK economy. “I think it’s a very good programme for encouraging start-up companies to invest money on research & development and in my case, technology”, said Robert.


”I was quite impressed with the ability of someone within randd to take a recording of an interview and turn it into a good summary of what the business was about, what the nature of the research was, and a general understanding… The process seems to be fairly straight forward.

You’ve got bright people who know what’s going on and what the opportunities are and seem to be pretty efficient at understanding what claims are appropriate and making sure that those claims are met.”

Robert Kay, Founder & Executive Chairman at AT Monitor


AT Monitor will reinvest back into developing the technology. Robert said, it has “enabled us to do some things that we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do. In certain instances, that’s possibly additional development work and other cases it may just be spending that money on other things that are important to the business, whether that’s business development or marketing & advertising. So they’ve certainly contributed meaningfully to what we’ve been able to do.”


“I would encourage everybody to at least invest the time in explaining what it is they do to someone who knows how to interpret that… I would certainly encourage people to make claims and I’m happy to recommend your services.”

Robert Kay, Founder & Executive Chairman at AT Monitor


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AT Monitor

R&D tax credits benefits:

  • Achieve growth plans
  • Reinvest in developing the technology
  • Financially support all areas of the business

I would encourage everybody to at least invest the time in explaining what it is they do to someone who knows how to interpret that… I would certainly encourage people to make claims and I’m happy to recommend your services.

Robert Kay | Founder & Executive Chairman

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