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Bigman are CGI experts with a head office based in Brighton. With the aim of rewarding innovation, randd uk claim R&D tax credits from HMRC on behalf of UK businesses that are undergoing qualifying research and development activities.

Founded in 2010, Bigman create computer generated imagery (CGI) combing art with technology to create original, innovative animation and illustration. With the head office in Brighton, Bigman was formed by two creative professionals and lifelong friends, Tom Painter and Robert Anderson, to create this pioneering CGI Studio. The company’s impressive show reel highlights expertise ranging from traditional tools such as paint, pencil and marker pens, right through to the most cutting edge forms of generative programming endeavours.

It’s an exciting time for Bigman who have released services such as virtual reality and 360 video using innovative, cutting edge technology. Upholding an impressive reputation, Bigman are renowned in the industry for hitting deadlines with quality work and achieving strict photo realism with an exceptional eye for detail and industry-leading skills. Producing virtual experiences crafted for brands, Tom explained that,

“We bring your ideas to reality with style, regardless of whether you need stunning still images, engaging animation or the latest cutting edge virtual reality technology.”

He continued, “Our tailored creative approach ensures that our content truly represents your product or service in an authentic way.”

With creative, professional people at the heart of the business, Bigman have a clear desire to develop and invest in research & development to maintain a position at the top of the sector. The company adapt off the shelf software to fulfil their personal requirements such as making it more flexible, quicker and reducing manpower; they have invested in licensed software, Disney Pixar’s RenderMan, which has rendered the visual effects (VFX) for many Hollywood blockbusters since CGI was created. Bigman have a long running relationship with Pixar for advanced technical support and software trials; helping to shape the future of software development, Bigman are beta testers for CGI software creators such as Pixar, the Foundry and Autodesk – the company have even written tutorials for Pixar’s RenderMan University!


“We are passionate about creating bespoke artwork for all of our clients and we often develop our own innovative software to help us achieve our vision. Our ground breaking programs Pollock and Truchet allow us to generate images in unique, artistic styles that will help [customers] to stand out.”

Tom Painter, Director at Bigman


“If you want realism, our Cyclops technology will ensure a 99.99% match with real life objects using only a handful of photographs.” Bigman, 2017

Bigman produce work to satisfy customer needs and embody the client’s brand values; their collaborative, tailored approach and meticulous attention to detail enables client projects to be completed on time, within budget and to the highest quality. Tom Painter, Director at Bigman explains, “Our tried and tested production process takes a planned approach, to ensure your deadlines are met and your budget is maximised.” Tom continued:

“We work closely with our customers to understand their goals and aspirations, so that we can carefully craft unique work that stands out in the marketplace and perfectly represents their company values.”

The quality of Bigman’s work can be seen through their exciting client base of worldwide companies such as Vodafone, Highland Spring, Marks and Spencers, BBC, ITV, Samsung, Bacardi, Jack Daniels, Mazda, Honda, Blackberry, Sony, the Co-Operative society and more!

Research and development is vital in an industry where technology is moving forward all the time and R&D tax credits are an incentive by the UK government to encourage innovation. Tom Painter, Director at Bigman, was thrilled to experience the benefits of the claim made by randd uk on his behalf as he said:

“I was definitely surprised that we could make a claim of that size. For a small company of our size, that was huge!”

A challenge that many UK businesses face is finding time to understand and apply for R&D tax credits, particularly Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) like Bigman who have limited resources to spare on activities other than the main business. Tom explained that “[R&D tax credits were] one of those things that I was told we should be doing, but I just kept adding it to my growing list of things to do.” He continued:

“HMRC’s form looked difficult to fill out – we’re grateful for the expertise of randd who have a past history of successful claims and a good relationship with HMRC”.

randd uk simplify the process for UK business owners who lack the time or the specialist knowledge to claim R&D tax credits. Yet it is definitely worth doing! Tom said that working with randd uk was “A breeze. Couldn’t be easier. My work was done after a few chats with Phil and minimal amount of paperwork.”

Even after a successful claim was made, Bigman benefitted further from collaborating with randd uk as Tom explained:

“I unexpectedly got commission for a referral – I was just trying to help out a friend and didn’t expect to get any money for it.”

R&D tax credits have enabled Bigman to continue with pushing boundaries and finding innovations such as virtual reality, 360 video, animation and more.

Bigman are leading CGI experts with a range of innovative services that bring brands to life. To watch their outstanding show reel and find out more about the exciting services they can offer, visit Bigman’s website at

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R&D tax credits benefits:

  • Continue to push boundaries
  • Develop new innovations – virtual reality, 360 video, animation, etc.
  • Progress with new technologies

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[us_testimonial author=”Tom Painter” company=”Director”]HMRC’s form looked difficult to fill out – we’re grateful for the expertise of randd who have a past history of successful claims and a good relationship with HMRC[/us_testimonial]

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