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Briton Fabricators is a steelwork infrastructure specialist who have successfully been awarded R&D tax credits through the service of randd uk. With the aim of rewarding innovation, randd uk submit R&D tax credits claims to HMRC on behalf of UK businesses that are undergoing qualifying research and development activities.

Based in Nottingham, Briton Fabricators are experts in steelwork infrastructures with a product range including installations for road, rail, nuclear and more. The company is a market leader in the design, build and installation of bridges and gantries such as the award winning Cathedral Green Swing Bridge in Derby.


“We carry out work for Highways England and Network Rail, delivering and installing specialist infrastructure services, such as pedestrian foot bridges, u-deck for the railways and motorway
sign gantries.”

Dean Morcom, Commercial Director at Briton Fabricators


The team’s knowledge and extensive experience has enabled technological advancement in this specialist market as well as ensuring structures are economical and efficient.

The company is praised for providing and building new installations without road closures. Briton Fabricators develop products to win new clients, concentrating on enabling rapid installation of large structures with minimal intervention or disruption. These installations require so little time that they are possible within the interval of police controlled rolling roadblocks. This avoids the need for diversion routes which involve expenditure and inconvenience.

The company constantly seek innovation in management processes, tooling, skills and teamwork involving everyone in the company. For example, the introduction of 3D CAD design and 3D modelling of complex spiral and curved composite material footbridges required R&D activities. Specialist software had to be developed, employees were trained in operating the software, and expert service providers were employed.

Research and development has enabled the development and manufacture of complex elements such as curve footbridges in composite materials. This innovative approach has also extended to special software, specifically to cover the applications of weathering grade steels. These steels that eliminate the need for regular painting to avoid corrosion, reducing the upkeep and cost of traditional steel bridges.

A strong team received an ongoing programme of professional development for all staff with the aim of enhancing skills that will ultimately grow the company. Briton Fabricators actively recruit apprentices and train new employees to the highest standard. As part of their training, apprentices are exposed to all departments and R&D to expand their knowledge and eventually contribute to the company’s achievements.

Briton Fabricators are one of the UK’s market leaders in steelwork infrastructures. This highly skilled team go the extra mile to produce bespoke solutions through research and development. To find out more about their services or to get a quote, call 0115 963 2901. Keep an eye out for their new website coming soon at


“We would thoroughly recommend randd as a business to approach. You have nothing to lose and it’s a really straight forward exercise.”

Dean Morcom, Commercial Director at Briton Fabricators


Dean Morcom, Commercial Director at Briton Fabricators first heard about randd uk through word of mouth. He said, “we weren’t sure as a business whether we would qualify for the service, so we contacted [randd] for an informal chat.” Dean was delighted to discover that Briton Fabricators were eligible for R&D tax credits.

Like Dean, many Directors of UK businesses are unsure whether they are right for the scheme. Common qualifying projects include finding solutions, overcoming uncertainties, working towards improvements of products or processes, or a technological advancement. For more industry-specific eligible activities, take a look on randd uk’s ‘Client Industries’ webpage. You’ll be surprised at the range of industries that our client base covers.

After the initial interview, randd uk began gathering project information and financial figures to submit a proposal to HMRC on the client’s behalf. The experienced team aim to minimise work required whilst maximising the claim size.


“Working with randd was straight forward. They did all the work. It was one or two days’ worth of interview and data that we needed to collect and send through.”

Dean Morcom, Commercial Director at Briton Fabricators


All R&D tax credits claims are retrospective and randd can submit up to two years for your first claim. Dean explained how Briton Fabricators were awarded financially:

“The claim that went in first was retrospective for the first two years – that yielded £261,000. And then there were a further two periods after that… Overall, the company has netted over half a million pounds.”


Previous R&D tax credits have enabled Briton Fabricators to improve the design and build process, as well as employ local people. Investment in more apprentices on the shop floor and in their technical department will enable more research and development work in the future.

Read more about randd uk and the R&D Tax Credits scheme on our website at You can read more case studies of UK businesses like Briton Fabricators on our ‘Client Stories’ page which covers a range of industries. To find out if your business is eligible to claim R&D tax credits for qualifying research & development work, call us on 01332 477 070 or email

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Briton Fabricators

R&D tax credits benefits:

  • Improve the design & build process
  • Employ local talent
  • Invest in Apprentices

Company website:

[us_testimonial author=”Dean Morcom” company=”Commercial Director”]The claim that went in first was retrospective for the first two years – that yielded £261,000. And then there were a further two periods after that… Overall, the company has netted over half a million pounds.[/us_testimonial]

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