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Linton Tweeds make innovative fabrics and have successfully been awarded R&D tax credits through the service of randd uk. With the aim of rewarding innovation, randd uk submit R&D tax credits claims to HMRC on behalf of UK businesses that are undergoing qualifying research and development activities.

Established in 1912, Linton Tweeds are based in Carlisle and produce innovative fabrics to export to top fashion houses across the globe. Their reputation as world leaders in this field stems from the company’s unique tweeds with combinations of yarns and colours that no other producer in the World can match. This creates huge demand from leaders in the fashion industry who want to avoid imitations. Full of history, the company have thrived for over a century and continue to develop with their world-renowned fabrics due to their commitment to research and development.

Pushing innovation, Linton Tweeds constantly carry out R&D with the combination of multiple yarns with different characteristics in manufacturing, dying or washing. The fashion industry demands rapid supply, seasonal changes and new innovations in woven fabrics such as the increased use of exotic yarns. For example, raffia, rubber, yarn with sequins attached and more!

The uniquely skilled workforce enable innovation whilst maintaining traditional methods, taking a design to cost effective up-scaled manufacture. Specialising in relatively small runs, a Linton tweed could contain eight different yarns such as cashmere, silk, chenille, shirting cottons and the list goes on. Couture tweeds could contain up to 300 different yarns! Most manufacturers are unequipped for this whereas Linton Tweeds are able to thrive in this niche market.

Linton Tweeds produce quality, innovative fabrics with a world-renowned reputation, featuring in prestigious fashion houses around the globe. This highly skilled team go the extra mile to produce bespoke solutions through research and development. To find out more about their products, visit their website at

Keith Walker, Managing Director at Linton Tweeds first heard about R&D tax credits through the company’s financial adviser. Like many business owners, Keith was sceptical because he thought that Linton Tweeds would not be eligible. Keith said, “[the Company finds] it very difficult to claim grants and other things from other parts of the business world.” After speaking with randd uk, “we began to understand how we were ideal for the type of credits that they were talking about because we constantly use new materials, new techniques and new finishes.”

randd uk explained in a face to face meeting the process of making a claim and understand what Linton Tweeds activities were classed as research and development under the scheme. Keith said that “[now I] understand the research and development that we’re already doing, I’ve been able to enhance it, grow it improve it and that has helped the company to grow in the long run.”


“Since we were first introduced to randd in 2013, we’ve been claiming tax credits ever since and we’ve claimed approximately £300,000.”

Keith Walker, Managing Director at Linton Tweeds


Linton Tweeds and randd uk have a longstanding relationship, growing from strength to strength each year. “We’ve stayed with [randd uk] to make the R&D claim on our behalf. But now that they’ve done it for a few years, they understand our story… they already know us, they know how to make the claim and they do it for us” (Keith Walker, 2018). Since inception in 2008, randd uk have a 100% claim success rate and specialise in R&D tax credits. Therefore randd are able to instantly recognise qualifying projects and present a strong case to HMRC, achieving the maximum claim amount possible for the client.

R&D tax credits have enabled Linton Tweeds to push innovation, “invest in new machinery and new techniques and improve productivity as well. So the company has grown and [R&D tax credits] helped the company to grow” (Keith Walker, 2018).

Previous R&D tax credits have enabled the building of a laboratory in-house for testing fabrics. Keith continued, this “has made life a lot easier. It’s helped our delivery time and helped our customers understand the fabrics that they were buying from us.” Reinvesting into the business has improved laboratory technology, acquired a colour matching software package and much more. Most of these investments have required an element of research and development to integrate into daily use, which can be claimed in future R&D tax credits claims.


“Most businesses have an element of research and development in them. Speak to randd – they’ll tell you whether or not you’ve got a claim, they’ll look after it for you. [randd uk have] established our story from the very beginning and they’ve helped to develop the story.”

Keith Walker, Managing Director at Linton Tweeds


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Linton Tweeds

R&D tax credits benefits:

  • Invest in new machinery
  • Continue to create innovative products
  • Experiment with new materials

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Since we were first introduced to randd in 2013, we’ve been claiming tax credits ever since and we’ve claimed approximately £300,000.

Keith Walker | Managing Director

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