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Purpose Media is a full service marketing agency who have successfully been awarded R&D tax credits through the service of randd uk. With the aim of rewarding innovation, randd uk submit R&D tax credits claims to HMRC on behalf of UK businesses that are undergoing qualifying research and development activities.

Based in South Normanton, Purpose Media is a full service marketing agency with multiple disciplines all in-house, including design, web development, video, digital marketing and marketing services. With a strong focus on return on investments, this agency utilises creativity, technical expertise and business acumen to engage customers and drive sales.

A full team of in-house digital specialists carry out research and development to push innovation and ensure that client demands are met to a high standard. Many of Purpose Media’s clients were struggling to integrate multiple backend systems with their website. As Katrina Starkie, Director at Purpose Media explained,

“It made it difficult for their customers to actually get what they wanted easily and it made it difficult for them through the backend of the site to actually track orders and processes”.

To overcome this challenge, the agency developed a bespoke ecommerce website that is a highly useable and persuasive web based sales platform. This is able to meet the exact requirements of clients business. Their core design delivers a range of possibilities that cannot be matched by off-the-shelf systems, enabling their sites to include features like graphical product builders and online applications.


“We knew that we wanted to develop a bespoke system that didn’t exist anywhere else to help our customers help their customers.”

Katrina Starkie, Director at Purpose Media


Purpose Media is an expert marketing agency with a strong team of business-minded creatives in-house to drive sales and exceed customer expectations. This highly skilled team go the extra mile to produce bespoke solutions through research and development. To find out more about their services or to get a quote, visit their website at

Purpose Media first heard about R&D tax credits through speaking to professionals in their business network who suggested this government scheme and recommended randd uk. R&D tax credits could reward the company’s research and development for the previous two year period which would enable investment into the creation of a bespoke platform.

Katrina explained that they were initially sceptical about R&D tax credits because it sounded too good to be true. After speaking to randd uk and talking through the process, Purpose Media were happy to learn that they qualified for the scheme. Katrina (2018) said:

“[randd uk] made it really easy for us and we were able to access over £110,000 worth of credits, which is amazing. We can reinvest that straight into our business.”


“I definitely recommend to any other businesses in the creative sector, get in touch with randd. See if they can help you too.”

Katrina Starkie, Director at Purpose Media


Read more about randd uk and the R&D Tax Credits scheme on our website at You can read more case studies of UK businesses like Purpose Media on our ‘Client Stories’ page which covers a range of industries. To find out if your business is eligible to claim R&D tax credits for qualifying research & development work, call us on 01332 477 070 or email


Purpose Media

R&D tax credits benefits:

  • Invest in software
  • Push creativity
  • Develop skillsets

Company website:

[randd uk] made it really easy for us and we were able to access over £110,000 worth of credits, which is amazing. We can reinvest that straight into our business.

Katrina Starkie | Director

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