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Robert Lindley Ltd is a supplier and grower of potatoes who have successfully been awarded R&D tax credits through the service of randd uk. With the aim of rewarding innovation, randd uk submit R&D tax credits claims to HMRC on behalf of UK businesses that are undergoing qualifying research and development activities.

Based in East Yorkshire, Robert Lindley Ltd holds a strong reputation in the potato industry for quality, consistent produce that is distributed across the UK. The company offer a variety of product lines for the food service, wholesale, retail and manufactured baker markets; they have achieved high quality standards required by the British Retail Council (BRC).

Research and development is carried out to grow this farming business and fulfil customer demands. Both time and finance have been invested in developing harvester machinery to provide the best crop lift to maintain skin quality, avoid the risk of bruising and evade mechanical damage. Innovation has also been focused on new packaging to protect and preserve the potatoes as well as improving product handling. Bespoke in-house software has been undertaken to develop operations.

The company strive to be environmentally-friendly and R&D is utilised to minimise carbon footprint. For example, a biomass boiler has been invested in to use farm & packing waste to heat the workshops & adjacent buildings.

For the farming sector, research and development is vital for survival where profitability is often low. Many farmers try crops that fail for various different reasons, including nature, trialling a new variety, alternative equipment and more. With the arrival of Brexit, R&D tax credits can make diversifying and innovation more sustainable for farming businesses.

Robert Lindley Ltd is a high quality, reliable potato producer for various markets across the UK. This highly skilled team go the extra mile to produce excellent products through research and development. To find out more about their products, visit their website at

Edward Lindley, Managing Director at Robert Lindley Ltd., first heard about R&D tax credits through his Accountant who explained about the R&D tax credits scheme and how the company qualified. Although sceptical at first, Edward recognised that he was eligible to make a claim once he fully understood the scheme.

R&D tax credits were introduced by the UK government in April 2000 to boost the economy through rewarding innovation across all industry sectors. Since 2008, randd uk have rewarded UK businesses nationwide with over £84 million and approximately £18,000,000 last year alone. With a 100% success rate, highly skilled experts at randd uk strived to maximise a client’s claim with minimal effort required and achieve on average over £50,000 for a first claim.

“[randd uk] are very professional. [R&D tax credits] have changed my perception of the job; it’s going to give us strength. I’m pleased with it – very pleased. We’re going to start putting together for next year.”

Edward Lindley, Managing Director at Robert Lindley Ltd.

Like many other business owners, Edward was deterred by the scheme which is poorly worded and communicated by HMRC, making it difficult for eligible companies to understand, let alone make a successful claim. randd uk strive to raise awareness about the R&D tax credits scheme and maximise the claim size for their clients.

Edward continued: “Once I’d grasped it, [randd uk] moved very quickly.” Technical experts visit the client in person to converse about projects that qualify for R&D tax credits whilst R&D Tax Consultants compile financial evidence to determine the claim size. The team liaise with the client’s financial department, their Accountant and the R&D unit at HMRC.

For a first claim, Robert Lindley Ltd. (a potato farming company) received £100,000 in R&D tax credits for two years.

Edward was very pleased to receive a fantastic Reality Cheque for £100,000. Completing the process of claiming for R&D tax credits has enabled reflection on the amount of money spent on in-house development and building the business. He said, “I feel really good now because I’ve got [the money] back. I couldn’t believe how much it was – it’s a lot of money.”

“The money will strengthen my cash flow for this year because we decided to take it in the format that we did. Potatoes are very short this year, and we’ve bought a thousand tonnes on the back of it and put them in the shed for later on. So the fact that we’re facing a shortage has actually strengthened my business and profitability.”

Edward Lindley, Managing Director at Robert Lindley Ltd.

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Robert Lindley Ltd.

R&D tax credits benefits:

  • Improved products & processes
  • Able to fund diversification
  • Financially sustain R&D activities

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[us_testimonial author=”Edward Lindley” company=”Managing Director”][randd uk] are very professional. [R&D tax credits] have changed my perception of the job; it’s going to give us strength. I’m pleased with it – very pleased. We’re going to start putting together for next year.[/us_testimonial]

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