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Sixth Story Creative is a Creative Growth Agency® based in Birmingham. With the aim of rewarding innovation, randd uk claim R&D tax credits from HMRC on behalf of UK businesses that are undergoing qualifying research and development activities.

Based in Birmingham, Sixth Story Creative is a vibrant digital marketing agency that work with clients to produce insightful branding, strategy, visuals and web design with a clear mission to “ignite business growth with a strong brand, well-crafted website and strategic marketing”, Sixth Story Creative, 2017. Located in a great office location, Sixth Story are well suited to the impressive grade 2 listed building which accurately reflects the company’s brand as full of personality with well-established credibility. A deeply imbedded philosophy can be seen through the way that the team work together as Sian Lenegan, Brand Director for Sixth Story Creative explains, “We believe that growth starts with collaboration and we start every new project by understanding what a business or brand wants to achieve and where they want to be.

“We then help to ignite business growth. Whether we’re: crafting a strategy to deliver an authentic brand; creating a custom, world-class website; producing a digital application to streamline and integrate processes; or generating exceptional content and videos to get our clients to their goals quicker, better and faster.

The professional creative team communicate openly with everyone taking responsibility to innovate and produce incredible work. Sixth Story’s collective culture and down to earth attitude works successfully to create inventive, bespoke projects for their diverse range of clients. Sixth Story Creative have undertaken research and development to innovate their own business with a brand new impressive website that is clear and simple to navigate. This strategy is clearly a success as the growing company has built an impressive portfolio of clients in the States and the UK, including most recently, Handmade Burger Co, Black Country Women’s Aid and Liana Luxury Travel. The future looks bright for this Creative Growth Agency®.

Deemed as champions of innovation, Sixth Story always strive to challenge boundaries and encourage other ambitious businesses to push their brand to the limit. Research and development has been undertaken to fulfil many projects including various custom e-commerce developments, integration of websites with work flow management systems and a brand new booking app that’s soon to launch. Many other projects have also required research and development work, as well as future work that is already underway.

randd uk’s mission is to reward UK businesses like Sixth Story Creative for their innovation, even if they do not think that they could qualify under the government’s R&D Tax Relief Scheme. Sian explained that “prior to working with our new accountant, R&D tax credits wasn’t something I thought as appropriate for us. We were approached by many companies regularly and had a few discussions but we weren’t overwhelmed or confident. We were then recommended to randd uk”. Phil Tooley, randd R&D Consultant, managed to console Sian’s worries and convince the business owner that claiming R&D tax credits was a worthwhile venture.

The process of claiming R&D credits and working with randd uk was “incredibly easy!” – Sian Lenegan’s own words. Like many others, Sian had put off applying for R&D tax credits because she “dreaded the laborious paperwork… [but] those perceptions were shattered entirely.” The R&D Consultant built the case for the claim during a meeting with Sixth Story Creative, discussing projects and identifying which activities qualified for R&D tax credits. Sian “then had one document to complete.”

“It was self-explanatory and clearly labelled so it took me a couple hours. That was it on my part! I was kept updated and was so impressed by the speed at which randd worked to get this in.”

After initial scepticism, Sian at Sixth Story Creative was thrilled with the opportunity for growth that has been enabled by R&D tax credits secured by randd uk. A common story that most UK business owners can relate to, is that Sixth Story’s Corporation Tax bill was looming. Sian said:

“I was completely surprised that the team managed to get the bill down… As a small business, this is cash flow we could definitely do with keeping in the business!” The benefits continue as Sian explained, “We’re expanding, recruiting and planning for another year of growth so the R&D tax credits have certainly helped us to accelerate those plans.”

Sixth Story Creative are a fantastic agency for creative growth with proven success and go the extra mile to produce bespoke solutions through research and development. To find out more about their services or to get a quote, visit their website at

Read more about randd uk and the R&D Tax Relief scheme on our website at You can read more case studies of UK businesses like Sixth Story Creative on our ‘Client Stories’ page which covers a range of industries. To find out if your business is eligible to claim R&D tax credits for qualifying research & development work, call us on 01332 477 070 or email

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Sixth Story Creative

R&D tax credits benefits:

  • Reduced Corporation tax bill
  • Enabled expansion, recruitment & growth plans
  • Allowed continued innovation

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[us_testimonial author=”Sian Lenegan” company=”Brand Director”]A massive thank you to Phil and the team, from the moment Lee passed on my details you were on form – arranged the meeting so quickly and did all the leg work for me. (Even the bits I had to do, you made them easy by having templates with clear instructions for me). You have all surpassed my expectations on a very tight turnaround too, I was dreading my rather hefty corporation tax bill and you’ve not only reduced that, but we’re also getting a cash back! You’ve taken all the complexity and mystery out of R&D and enabled us to keep cash in the business to invest in future growth. Never thought I’d say this but I’m actually looking forward to the next year end and tax return period with you on my team. Thank you all, you’ve been a pleasure to work with and you better believe I’ll be recommending you to everyone I know. If more small businesses take advantage of this it would be incredible, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t – it’s so easy (well for me anyway since you guys did all the heavy lifting).[/us_testimonial]

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