randd uk has secured a local bakery’s first ever R&D claim, at a sum of £13k for their first year.

The company is a craft bakery with a difference, producing high-quality baked and confectionary foods, mainly in their Derby factory and also in their retail shops. They have earned a strong reputation for desirable, good tasting products and this has been achieved with increasing competitive pressures, increasing sensitivity to allergens in the whole population and the challenge of compliance with legislation. To maintain this reputation has meant the need to invest in the processes and equipment to enable their dedicated workforce to offer the broadest range of products.

They strive to achieve a traditional, hand-crafted product whilst utilising techniques, equipment and processes that enable them to produce healthy products of the highest quality. In respect of quality, the management team is very traditional in their approach to achieving quality levels required to maintain customer preference for their products and to comply with origin and quality standards. Coupled with this, the ‘family business’ culture guides them to astute and strategic decisions to do what is necessary to be competitive.