Did you know: if a UK business actively invests in research and development, they could receive up to & in some cases in excess of 200% return on their expenditure thanks to R&D Tax Credits?

What are R&D Tax Credits?

It is part of a financial initiative from the European Union to greatly encourage innovation & strengthen not only the European economy, but the Global economy as well. Basically, if you or your company can prove that you have been actively investing in R&D, tax credits will be available to you & your business.

The money that you will receive is yours to do with as you wish & you can claim R and D Tax Credits every single year, as well as 2 years retrospectively. There is nothing to lose if you’re already investing and an awful lot available to gain.

There are, of course a few guidelines as to what qualifies as R&D but if you talk to us at R&D we will find out for you if you can claim.

R&D Tax Credits experts

Randd UK Ltd are specialists in this field and know the ins and outs, including knowing what will qualify as acceptable research and filling in the paperwork. We’ve claimed hundreds of thousands of pounds back for clients over the years including well in excess of £100k for the Torrance Group in Scotland.

For more information on us and our R&D tax credits process, visit: http://www.randdukltd.co.uk/our-process/