We consistently write about R&D Tax Credits both on this site, all over the web and in magazines, with one simple aim: We want to make sure that your business is receiving the money that it deserves for investing in research and development. If you’re spending money to improve your industry, you are likely to be entitled to tens of thousands of pounds from HMRC. Read our posts below to see more information that we’ve prepared.

R&D Tax Credits – Why aren’t you claiming?

R&D Tax CreditsRandd’s very own Brendan Molloy was featured by the DNCC’s official magazine and spoke about the masses of companies in the UK not claiming R&D Tax Credits despite being eligible. A staggering 95% of UK SMEs are missing out on the money that’s available to them from the government due to their research and development efforts. The article highlights the money issue, as well as advising companies how to go about claiming.

Read the post here: R&D Tax Credits article by Randd featured by DNCC



R&D Tax Credits – Case Study

R&D Tax Credits Case StudyThe Torrance Group in Scotland decided to use Randd UK Ltd to claim their R&D Tax Credits and were very successful as a result. They didn’t even know that they were eligible until Randd visited their business and unearthed plenty of potential for R&D Tax Claims. We took the entire matter into our own hands and subsequently earned the company over £170,000 in Tax Credits. The owner of the company remarked that it was the easiest £100,000 that he had ever made.

Read the Case study here: Torrance Case Study



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