A precision engineering company from Chesterfield has just had its fourth claim, totalling £48k, in the four years it has had a relationship with randd uk, meaning their total amount claimed back is at £173k.

This company has become specialists in machining large, metal components. A significant proportion of their work is subcontracted to them by other companies who cannot meet the technical challenges involved in bespoke projects.

They do business in the defence, oil & gas, aerospace sectors, as well as in the area of renewable power-generation. Their expertise in producing, repairing and refurbishing large components has established a reputation as a problem-solving precision-engineering Company, where the technical capability and reliability of their service is vital, and mistakes are costly.

They have an excellent reputation for adopting and pioneering new technologies. They devise efficient ways of engineering solutions to new specifications and problems, often taking on work too demanding for other firms.

For customers, manufacturing limitations often prevent new designs getting off the drawing board; by developing new ways of shaping metal to fine tolerances, or client can help technical advance in the industry.
This problem-solving mind-set is brought to various areas of the industry:

  • Producing new bespoke components
  • Extending the life of existing components to realise big cost savings and minimise environmental damage
  • Extending the life of machine tools