“randd uk made the process of claiming R&D tax credits very easy, with minimal time and effort on our part. They have very good skills in accounting and a wide knowledge of new technology. This enabled them to write a comprehensive and detailed technical report and resulted in a very significant cash refund. A painless, personal, professional and quite enjoyable process.”

This lovely testimonial comes from an exciting randd uk client woh has just received their first R&D Tax Claim of £90k for the work that they have been doing in the field of robotics.

This company is currently developing a system of ‘plug and play’ modular robotics where the system is based around core components designed and developed to ultimately provide a scalable, flexible and fully customised robot.

The technology currently being developed is highly innovative. The concept of modular robotics started out with the toy market in mind along the lines of the Lego Mindstorm toys and currently the company offers remote or autonomous control options.

Being a modular system, clients can add or remove different tools, be that cameras or arms, as the situation demands. Built of rugged plastic, the systems are designed to be carried and put together without tools to create robots that can operate across all terrains and carry out multiple functions like intelligence gathering, surveillance and bomb disposal. This technology can perform vital tasks in hazardous zones and not risk the lives of people performing them then they were onto a very worthwhile technological advancement in such a critical application.