“Whilst we have always believed that the work we do should be eligible for grants awarded for research and development past experience has previously led us to avoid the time consuming and resource draining process of application. Through persistence, RandD did convince us that the processes were not that painful indeed were there to simplify and assist with them. The outcome being we have been awarded a grant towards our development programmes which for us is a not insubstantial amount and for which we are most grateful.”

This wonderful testimonial comes from one of our latest clients who we just helped secure a claim for £34k, now meaning we have enabled them to access a sum of £62k over the 2-year relationship. The company itself is a leading manufacturer and supplier of coil springs, leaf springs, racing springs and complete chassis suspensions.

This company has various partnerships that are recognised as Europe’s biggest manufactures and suppliers of aftermarket replacement coil springs and with distribution centres both in Sheffield and in Germany the randd uk is now making changes across the North Sea.