A bespoke technology and software development company based in Liverpool has just increased their R&D claim amount by £10k thanks to randd uk.

The Company is a market leader in two evolving fields:

  • developing software and technologies to make off-site construction more efficient in the building industry.
  • developing similar technologies to make the manufacture of a range of other products more efficient.

In both areas the Company develops a range of digital technologies and bespoke software. As a result of the developments pioneered by the Company, construction and manufacturing can be undertaken in ways which are faster, cheaper, safer, less wasteful and greener.

The Company constantly develops and evolves these technologies to offer better solutions to clients in areas where ‘off-the-peg’ solutions cannot be used. It employs scientists, engineers, product designers, IT specialists and software programmers. Clients include government agencies, property developers and construction firms across the world.