Based in the small market town of Thorne (outskirts of Doncaster), a poultry manufacturer receive £17,000 tax saving through the R&D tax credits scheme. The dedicated cooked poultry producers specialise in supplying a wide variety of turkey and chicken products to the wholesale and food service sectors of the market.

Research and development is needed for producing new products and processes as sample batches are created for testing, but it is impossible to produce samples in small sizes. To satisfy customer demands, the company supply natural, hand crafted meats of a high quality; R&D is vital for survival as market pressure has always forced the manufacturer to meet a price point which has lowered margins.

A skilled and knowledgeable management team is constantly involved in R&D activity to organically grow the Company by developing new products and processes. With vast manufacturing knowledge, the Company develop unique and bespoke products for specific customer requirements. Development work is done at the Company’s own risk and cost with no guarantee of success, making R&D tax credits essential for growth plans and pushing innovation in the UK.