Theatre Tax Relief (TTR)

Theatre Tax Relief is one category within Creative Industry Tax Reliefs. There is no need for a cultural test and the relief has x2 rates of payable credit: 25% for touring productions, and 20% for others.

Eligible productions

  • Theatrical production company
  • Puts on a qualifying theatrical production
  • Primary focus is to play before a live audience of paying members of the general public, or the production is for educational purposes
  • At least 25% EEA expenditure

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Theatre Tax Relief (TTR)

R&D tax credits benefits:

  • Produce more British theatrical productions
  • Push the boundaries of theatre in the UK
  • Incorporate new technology and creativity into staging

Learn more:

HMRC’s Website

“The introduction of theatre tax relief demonstrated the importance to our national economy of our billion-pound theatre industry but most importantly has encouraged a huge amount of investment which has increased jobs and emboldened producers of work in all genres to take bigger, more creative risks.”

Julian Bird | Chief Executive of Society of London Theatre and UK Theatre

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