An analytics company based in Loughborough has joined the randd uk team and gained a claim worth £34k in their first year with us.

In an increasingly complex world of seemingly endless data, shifting economic conditions and evolving environmental factors, the potentially wide-ranging and long-term impact of decision-making can be overwhelming, even with dedicated analytical support. This company’s problem solvers take a fresh, objective approach to clients’ major challenges and goals, gathering client knowledge and combining with its own expertise to deliver cost-efficient, evidence-based solutions developed to reduce risk and deliver long term value and competitive advantage to support tactical, operational and strategic decision making.

Using Operations Research (OR), this company specialises in optimisation and stochastic simulation (having a random probability distribution or pattern that may be analysed statistically but may not be predicted precisely), to develop software tools, algorithmic methods and approaches. The solutions developed give clients the appropriate evidence required to make a better business decision.