A triple success for local Nottingham-based company has been ensured with their third consecutive claim with randd uk. This claim totals at £40k from HMRC, bringing their total gained to £146k from the tax man.

Through the innovative application of advanced technologies in design and engineering, this company is able to maximise product performance and profitability. Using computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools, they cut product development time and cost, and ultimately achieve significant improvements in the performance and profitability of the finished product.

The team shows a unique passion for problem solving, using original thinking as the prime mover whilst at the same time keeping abreast of the latest and emerging technologies to satisfy their customer’s needs and wants. Many of their projects take a number of years to come to fruition as advances in technology provide new and innovative solutions to the original concept. They are the “back room boys” fuelling the boilers of industry.