A specialist web creating firm has been successful in a claim for £26k, now meaning a total value of £64k in just two years.

Our client develops a diverse portfolio of eCommerce stores that have been carefully developed for specific markets. They ensure each website in their portfolio has its own unique identity which is defined by the brands it displays. As a result, they work very closely with their suppliers to choose the most appropriate website for each brand. The staff are all real end users of the products they stock, who actively take part in a wide range of action sports and outdoor activities and hail from a variety of backgrounds.

The company itself is a UK-based retailer servicing a number of distinct markets with specialist websites, which in itself does not immediately seem to apply to being a business engaged in Research and Development. However, the Company’s approach to the back office systems that they develop shows a firm fully engaged in the use of R&D, ensuring that they can compete within a highly competitive and fast paced market.